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January 12, 2018

Kerala’s leading online news portal sees a 15% growth in overall revenue with Colombia

Prokerala is one of India’s leading local news publications. The portal features syndicated stories on a wide range of topics including News, Auto, Banking, Movies, Travel & Tourism, Daily Horoscope and even Ayurveda.

Given its wide range of content and the traffic that the website sees, Prokerala wanted to maximize its revenue from the Below the Fold (BTF) and End of Article (EoA) space on its news articles. The portal was looking for creative monetization solutions that do not hamper the reader experience or its brand reputation.

Prokerala evaluated several solutions including Colombia. According to Joshy K Jacob, Managing Director, Prokerala, the company found that Colombia ads were clean, interesting and user-friendly compared to similar networks which often displayed misleading text pointing to clickbait and spamming content from questionable websites.

After an easy onboarding and integration process, Prokerala started running native content ads which according to Jacob, helped the portal reduce its dependency on AdSense considerably and unlock more revenue from its otherwise, low-performing BTF and EoA spaces.

Giving an insight into the company’s experience of working with Colombia, Jacob says, “For us, Colombia is a friendly and reliable content marketing platform whom we can trust to grow our ad revenue. Their publisher support is one of the best we've ever worked with. Time and again, they've proved that they are focused on our success. I would definitely say that Colombia is one of the very few business partners who you can rely on to grow your business.”

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