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February 05, 2018

It’s 2018. The digital marketing platform you choose should win your trust first

According to aMagna Global research, digital advertising surpassed advertising on TV and with the majority of advertising sales (54%) coming from mobile devices. Back home, aGroupM report report pegged ad spending to hit USD 9.5 Billion in 2017.

With so much money riding on digital advertising, both marketers and publishers are going full throttle, trying to make the most of it, but this growth is not coming without its pitfalls. The explosive growth and popularity of search and social networks has led to a fake Internet ecosystem mushrooming in parallel, complete with its fake content, fake users and even fake clicks on digital advertisements.

Viewability is today a big concern for advertisers where they have no clear insight into whether the ads that they are running on the various platforms are actually being viewed. Click fraud or bot-generated clicks have made their way into the digital advertising ecosystem, providing an unscrupulous way of meeting ad performance requirements.

Then there is the issue of brand-safety, where marketers are dealing with their advertising showing up alongside questionable, often hateful or inappropriate content, leading to a serious potential impact on brand image.

In such a scenario, marketers need to consider digital advertising platforms that are trusted and transparent with their services. Here’s what marketers can look for when choosing a digital marketing platform:

  • Look for a digital marketing platform that works only with premium publishers. This provides a certain level of assurance to marketers that their ads will always be served alongside quality, verified and credible content.
  • A platform with only has premium publishers can also provide marketers a certain level of confidence that only genuine, relevant users will engage with their advertising.
  • Platforms that have third-party integrations that help validate audiences and measure campaign viewability and effectiveness can further strengthen the level of trust and transparency that they promise.

These few basic considerations when choosing a digital marketing platform can help marketers ensure that their audience engages with their marketing in a trusted and transparent environment with full regard for brand safety.